Tours with Gabrielle


I have been a traveler for many years but always had limited time and resources. Born and raised in the Bronx, I always had a yearn to see places outside of my beautiful state of NY! My dreams of visiting far away places was vast, so my progression through life let me to become an independent Travel Agent! I traveled from NYC to Dallas, TX for work and that lead me to Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, WA. I have family here and wanted to be near them, and love living on the west coast. Can a city girl live on an island out west? The answer is yes! I have made Whidbey Island my home base and will continue to explore new places and ventures! And guiding others to arrange the vacation of their dreams is one of my passions! Let me show you a world you never thought possible! Today, it is more so than in the past! If a girl from the Bronx can do it, so can you!

~ Gabrielle Robles


Gabrielle Robles

Travel Agent and entrepreneur!  Living on Whidbey Island is so very special and historic to say the least! Let me show you the wonders of the island and beyond!